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With its many health benefits and wonderful aromatic flavour, garlic is a pantry staple and one well worth buying in bulk. Our spray-free, organic garlic has a wonderful strong flavour, which you don't get from imported garlic. Some imported garlic is sprayed with chemicals to whiten it, stop it from sprouting, and to kill insects and plant matter...not very appealing!

Our garlic is grown by our good friend, Kirsty Gaddum, who is passionate about all things organic. She grows the Takahue heritage variety, brought to New Zealand by early settlers.

The beds are planted, weeded and harvested by hand. After harvest, the bulbs are hung to dry with their leaves intact to cure and develop flavour.

Our garlic will last for ages and it won't go mouldy – just store in it a brown paper bag somewhere cool and dry (like your pantry).

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