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Our fruit is grown on the Poverty Bay Flats, also known as the Gisborne Plains. This remarkable area is made up of alluvial soils said to constitute the most naturally fertile group of soils in New Zealand. Passionfruit can grow exceptionally well here, impressing aficionados with their flavour, abundance and size. 

Hailing from Brazil, passionfruit thrive in New Zealand…but demand just the right conditions - a healthy backyard vine hanging heavy with purple fruit invokes envy throughout the neighbourhood. 

The common passionfruit is a glossy dark green vine producing fruit with purple skin filled with deep orange pulp and soft black seeds.

Passionfruit do not ripen after picking and should be hand-picked when the skin is purple with a slight wrinkle. They store well for at least a week at room temperature and for weeks in the fridge.

Cracked open and spooned straight into the mouth, they are also delicious in home baking, desserts (a classic cheesecake and pavlova topping) and cocktails (passionfruit Bellini anyone?).

The fruit can be frozen whole or you can mix two parts pulp with one part sugar (the sugar prevents the pulp from breaking down) and freeze in small containers (ice-trays are ideal).

Available between February and April.


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