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May 15 2021

Delicious & Healthy Green Juice

I adore green juice, and by cold-pressing the best produce, it means that you get amazing flavour, as well as all the health benefits. BUT don't panic if you do't want to cold press - this combination is just as incredible in your standard juicer, plus it is far faster!

I used the following amount and got a little over a litre of cold-pressed green juice.

Delicious and healthy green juice recipe - Twisted Citrus

Twisted Green Juice

3 pears
3 apples
2 lemons
2 limes
a bag of spinach

Cut all of your fruit up, discard the cores, and peel.

Feed the rest into your juicer, now devour!


Incredible New Zealand limes bursting at the seams with juice and flavour.

Our limes are the Bearss variety (also known as Tahitian or Persian), which are famed for their size and juiciness. 

If you’re a fan of Mexican, Vietnamese or Thai food, our limes will take your food to a whole new level. The zest alone packs a sensational aroma.

And don’t forget that all-important Margarita or lime mojito. Only the best will do!

When you buy limes online with us you’ll receive approximately 12-14 limes per kilo.


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