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Our Story - Twisted Citrus

It started with an Orange.

Our adventure began in 2003 when we bought a lifestyle property with a bare paddock on the outskirts of Gisborne.

We knew our soil comprised of exceptionally fertile heavy silt loam, renowned in our district for its growing power. So we planted some orange trees… unbeknown to us our Twisted journey had begun

After a few years, our trees were producing enough oranges to take to market. Initially, we sent our fruit via the traditional route - wholesale/packhouse/supermarket. But we had no contact with the end customer and no comfort that our oranges would reach consumers with their quality and flavour intact.

So we took destiny into our own hands, hitting the road and selling our delicious fruit on a grass verge in Hawke's Bay.

Direct contact with our customers made us realise that not all oranges are created equal - it was clear we had something special on our hands.

Customers returned week-after-week raving about how juicy and flavoursome our oranges are - and our oranges soon had a cult following. From there the idea was born to make them available throughout New Zealand.

Picked to order, direct from the orchard - no storage, no processing, no wax and no refrigeration.

Arriving on doorsteps around the country just as nature intended, bursting with fragrance, flavour and goodness.

Our Team

Hello! We’re Sandy and Bron Kemp, owners of Twisted Citrus.

Sandy and Bron
The Kemp Family
Basket of Oranges
The Twisted Citrus Team
Children with boxes of fruit
Picking Limes off tree

What makes us different?

Put simply, it’s the magnificent flavour of our fruit.

Because it’s fruit that’s exactly as nature intended. 

It’s fruit that flourishes in the fertile silt loam soil of Gisborne, a region renowned for its growing power. Fruit that’s lovingly cared for by the very best local growers in Gisborne, and picked at the perfect moment for maximum flavour and nutritional goodness. Then carefully hand selected by us to ensure only the most premium quality pieces make it to you.

Tree to door in just a couple of days.

So you can experience and enjoy exquisite tasting, incredibly fresh fruit. There’s no long term storage with us. No refrigeration. No wax. No squeezing, prodding, or poking.

Just exceptional sunshine grown goodness. You can truly taste our difference.

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The Twisted Citrus Difference