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our story

It Started With An Orange.

Picked straight from our orchard, we knew immediately we had something special on our hands

Orchard fresh fruit Start Shopping

A delicious, juicy orange, grown right here in our rich Gisborne soil.

The juicy orange, a crisp apple, tamarillo crumble, a fragrant dried lime sitting in a G&T…

You deserve the best nature has to bring, no matter how you choose to eat it.

More about that juicy orange…

In 2003 we bought a lifestyle property with a bare paddock on the outskirts of Gisborne.

Sitting on top of exceptionally fertile heavy silt loam (renowned for its growing power), we planted some orange trees to give it a go…and the fruit was (as you’d expect), nothing short of exceptional!

We decided to take these perfectly juicy oranges to market and found one major snag; the traditional routes of wholesale/packhouse/supermarket were less than ideal. We would have had no contact with you, our customer…and no way to know that our oranges would be arriving in your hands as delicious as they should be.

In typical Kiwi fashion we decided to do it ourselves, and hit the road selling our oranges on a grass verge in Hawke's Bay.

Our customers returned week after week, raving about how delicious and flavoursome our oranges were - and from there, the idea was born to make them available throughout New Zealand.

As we continue to grow from those humble oranges to all things fruit and produce, one thing will never change; our desire for quality, and to always deliver the best nature has to offer.

Bron and Sandy, Owners

Grown in rich,
fertile Gisborne soil.

Coming from the ‘fruit bowl of NZ’ our mission is easily summarised in one simple word: QUALITY.

Focusing on quality, always, is how we went from simple orange trees to one of the top fresh fruit box delivery services across all of New Zealand.

We're proud of the boxes we deliver. To us, quality means the best of the best. Our produce is fresh, it tastes incredible, and that’s how it arrives at your doorstep.

Trusted partner growers

At Twisted, all four seasons are embraced for what they bring to the table. We work with growers around our beautiful country to bring you the goodness of NZ’s produce.

Food obsessed

Our pantry items are curated by our food-obsessed team, the perfect accompaniment to any purchase (whether that’s treating yourself or sending a thoughtful gift).

Fruit, as it should be

Our fruit will always arrive on doorsteps around the country just as nature intended; bursting with fragrance, flavour and goodness.

Our Team

We’re making
to remember.

The memorable burst of those oranges left us with something we hold at the core of Twisted Citrus to this day -  we have something special in our NZ backyard and we’re sharing it with both hands. From tree to table, we deliver mouthwateringly good fresh produce, straight to your door, every time you shop from our online marketplace.