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August 12 2019

Fruit of the Month - Avocados

How can you resist avocados?

That soft, creamy green flesh - perfect in dips and salads, also on toast, sandwiches, burgers, paninis, or simply the side of your plate. Now, it is hard to imagine our favourite meals without it. But that wasn’t always the case.

Somehow, over the last few years, the modest avocado has been pulled out of fruity obscurity and thrown into the limelight. Avocados are quite literally everywhere.

Who knew that avocado on toast would become the go-to breakfast lunch and dinner of the millennial? Regardless of who is eating them, we don’t begrudge the avocado its fame for a second. In fact, we were fans before it was even cool!

Let’s take some time to get to know this famous, super-versatile fruit a little better.



Avocado Varieties

There are several different varieties of avocado, but the two you will come across in New Zealand are the Hass avocado - the most common - and the Reed Avocado.

The Hass is the typical, pear-shaped fruit you are used to. It has green skin which ripens to purplish-black. Reed avocados are larger and more circular in shape. Their skin remains green even when ripe.

Avocados hail from central Mexico and were a rather important fruit to the ancient Aztec culture. The Aztec word for avocado is ahuacatl. When you know what it means, it doesn’t sound so appealing to eat. Ahuacatl translates to testicle.

But the name was given merely in reference to their shape. And, did you know that this bulbous fruit was also considered to be an aphrodisiac?


The Balancing Act

Avos are notoriously tricky with their timing. They seem to be unripe forever, perfectly ripe for such a short time, then inedible far too soon.

Here are a few ways that you can enjoy that delicious fruit when you want to eat it.

  • You can speed up the ripening by popping them into a paper bag with a banana.
  • Once ripe, eat it quickly to prevent waste
  • Store avocados in the fridge when they are ripe to slow the process down.
  • If you absolutely must store half an avocado, rub the flesh with lemon juice and keep the pit in place.



Why Are They So Popular?

One of the reasons avocados are so popular is that they are as good for you as they are delicious! With generous amounts of Vitamin B5, B6, E, C, K, potassium (even more than a single serving of banana) and folate, they can help with anything from arthritis and diabetes to anxiety and heart disease.

Perhaps the most well-known health benefit is that they are packed full of good fats that help lower bad cholesterol. And, well… they taste good!


How You Can Use Them

Other than guacamole and avo on toast, avocado is fantastic in a milkshake or smoothie. When blended, the smooth texture creates an oh-so-creamy treat that is much more healthy than the traditional dairy-based shake. Add some chocolate sauce or other kinds of fruit and you have got a mostly guilt-free treat on your hands.

With avocado season in full swing, now is your chance to make the most of this little treasure chest of creamy, buttery goodness. Get creative and make every day avocado day.

Throw chopped up avo into any variety of salad you like; go back to its Mexican routes and use it in tacos, nachos, quesadillas and burritos; throw it on top of a pizza, in a wrap or sandwich, or even use it to make a creamy cheesecake or chocolate pudding! Seriously, the choices are endless, so get on board the avocado train and enjoy the ride!


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