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August 11 2021

Zesty Orange Curd

This zesty orange curd is wonderful as a spread, filling or topping for breakfast or dessert. It is lovely with pavlova and meringues and can be folded with whipped cream. 

Tasty Orange Curd Recipe - Twisted Citrus

Zesty Orange Curd

2 large navel oranges
1½c caster sugar
6 egg yolks, beaten
120g butter

Zest the oranges, then juice them. Combine zest and juice (about half a cup) in a medium saucepan. Add remaining ingredients and heat over medium heat, stirring continuously with a whisk.

The mixture will come to the boil in about five minutes, continue to stir and boil for 1-2 minutes. Be careful not to scramble the eggs on too high a heat.

Remove from heat and cool to room temperature before pouring into a jar or container. Store in the fridge for up to a week.

Makes 1 jar, approx 500g.


There are oranges and then there are Gisborne oranges. Our incomparable Navel oranges are loved throughout New Zealand. 

A winter orange, Navels are sweet, seedless, and juicy. Our region has the perfect climate of sunny warm days and cool nights to be able to grow one of the world’s favourite fruits.

Our oranges are grown on trees we planted in 2003. We knew our soil comprised exceptionally fertile heavy silt loam, renowned in our district for growing just about anything, but it wasn’t until we started selling our oranges direct to customers that we realised just how remarkable they are. Flavoursome, juicy and bursting with goodness, they have to be tasted to be fully appreciated.