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May 23 2021

The Healthiest Fruits That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Healthy skin comes from within, and fruits can truly help your skin glow. But which are the best? Find out the healthiest fruits for your skin right here.

Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t come courtesy of a bottle, regardless of the price of what’s inside! 

While our environment and what we put onto our skin does have some effect, the most effective way to care for your skin is from the inside out.

Our bodies need plenty of antioxidants, fibre, and a wide variety of nutrients to help us – and our skin - stay supple and healthy. Luckily, fruits provide all those and more in abundance!

Of course, some types of fruit are more beneficial to your skin than others, so let's skip straight to the good stuff!


The Healthiest Fruits That Will Make Your Skin Glow

What Nutrients Support Clear, Glowing Skin?

Before we narrow down the healthiest fruits for your skin, we need to understand what kind of nutrients we are after for smooth, soft skin. 

Antioxidants are a clear winner. These little superheroes fight against free-radicals and inflammation that can degrade our skin (and other cells). Consume them in abundance! Also, look out for things like beta carotene, zinc, selenium, and vitamins C and E.

Vitamin C, in particular, is essential for the production of collagen, which helps keep skin supple, smooth, and glowing. 

Fibre is also a biggie here. A sluggish digestive system may struggle to absorb nutrients and expel toxins effectively. This can affect an enormous range of critical bodily functions, including hormone regulation – another important consideration for healthy skin.

When it comes to blemish-free skin, sugar is a significant factor – and it's not just the sugar in ice cream and chocolate that’s to blame! Some fruits – or the way we consume them – can spike sugar levels in the same way, leading to acne.


The Healthiest Fruits For Your Skin

So, let’s get to the good stuff. Here is a shortlist of the best fruits for healthy skin, in no particular order!

Oranges, lemons (and other citrus fruit)

These juicy beauties contain Vitamin C in abundance, plus other antioxidants that help slow down premature ageing. 


Papaya keeps your digestive system chugging along and contains plenty of vitamin A, C, and B. 


Sick of drinking water? Chow down on watermelon, which is 92 percent water itself! You will also score plenty of skin-nourishing nutrients like vitamin A, B, and C. 


Yes, technically it’s a fruit! Highly hydrating and with vitamin C and K.


Yum and healthy, a win-win! Contains minerals and vitamins A, C, and K.


Packed with anti-inflammatories to reduce acne symptoms, this delicious fruit is a clear winner in the skin game.


An apple a day keeps the wrinkles at bay. Or at least, there’s enough vitamin A and C to help!


Low GI, loaded with vitamin C, and supercharged with antioxidants, berries are top grade skin-loving fruits. 


Is there anything avo doesn’t do? We think not. There’s fibre, Vitamins A, C, E, K and some great B vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants. 


Lycopene is what makes tomatoes red – and it’s great for collagen strength. Cooking tomatoes boosts their lycopene levels, so it’s a great excuse to go hard on the tomato sauce or tomato paste! Fresh tomatoes are great too, with vitamin C, lutein, and beta carotene – all proven to help prevent wrinkles!


There are plenty more fruits – from cherries and kiwifruit to pomegranates - that didn’t make the list but are still fantastic for your skin. In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to find a fruit that wasn’t beneficial! 

Mother nature has provided us with an enormous range of delicious ammunition in the battle for glowing skin. Eating a range of fruit from all the colour groups (and washing it down with loads of water) helps keep you healthy inside and out.

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