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May 15 2021

Persimmon Sorbet

This recipe is adapted from Annabel Langbein’s Creamy Persimmon Sorbet.

The delicate flavour and scent of a ripe persimmon works well in a sorbet, particularly one with such fine ice crystals – the addition of egg white introduces maximum volume making the end result melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

It’s so easy to make and a great way to utilise surplus fruit.

I recommend keeping the chopped frozen fruit in the freezer, then literally whipping some up when the occasion calls for it.

Refreshing Persimmon Sorbet Recipe

Persimmon Sorbet

500g chopped persimmon flesh (skin and seeds removed)
1/2c caster sugar
3T lemon juice
1 egg white 

Freeze chopped persimmon in a bag until firm (at least three hours).

Blitz in the food processor or blender with sugar until fine. Add lemon juice and egg white and blitz until creamy, fluffy and smooth.

Place in a covered container and return to the freezer for a couple of hours before serving.

The sorbet will keep for weeks but will get very hard after 24 hours. To return to a soft fluffy consistency,  simply blitz again.

Serves 6+ (makes about one litre)


Shaped like a tomato, but with a sweet honeyed taste, Persimmons have been grown in New Zealand since the late 1800s. 

Persimmons are native to parts of Asia, with China producing a massive 43% of the world’s 4.6 million tonnes every year, where they are most commonly enjoyed as a dried fruit snack.

There are two different kinds of Persimmon - Hachiya (which are astringent persimmons), and Fuyu (which are sweet, non-astringent persimmons.)

Fuyu persimmons, such as the ones we provide, are shaped like a tomato and can be eaten before they are fully ripe. The Hachiya variant is shaped more like a large acorn and should only be consumed once it’s well and truly ripe, turning a deep orange colour. It’s said to be one of the most mouth-puckeringly bitter tastes imaginable. Consuming it unripe will make your mouth numb and your eyes water.

Our sweet, certified organic, Persimmons are delicious simply peeled and eaten. They can be eaten at any time – while they are crunchy or once they have ripened further and the flesh has softened.


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